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Saturday, August 17, 2013
yay guess who is here~! sorry for this long time without updates, even my school holidays are over right now, i'm still a busy person *cries* hmm but at least i got a new laptop so i can back to do my own coloring hehe this time i made two batches of icons, but it doesn't have the same theme so here you got the 'cute & pink & pastel' ones, and i will queue the other for tomorrow ~remember to come back to see them~ a-ah, i was walking by in imgur and realized all my icons have +500 views hehe (i just hope people are not hotlinking okk) i don't know if this is a lot but once i don't think it is worthy of anything, i got really happy! thank you who is using it, means a lot! have fun with those ones ^^

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