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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
The promised blogskins style packs from yesterday. Rushed these a bit since I'm feeling a bit unwell to be typing at a computer for 3 hrs.
To use these, simply paste the codes into your about me box either at the top or bottom. Both of them don't show any friend lists because its impossible to override that.

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weet je wat, je moeder is aardig hoor

more kleinebloem
Saturday, April 12, 2014
its true this blog is still alive and now that the new layout is kind of updated we are accepting new makers again (woah) go for it
i will be making some blogskins profile codes soon after this post so look forward to those, but here are some icons (100x100 and 150x150)

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hey, I can't deny it, but I won't say anything

more sun
Saturday, August 17, 2013
here it is~ the 'dark' ones! actually not too dark, but yeah the theme is different from the other batch i posted. i honestly like this kind of icon more, but everyone have their own taste right? well i hope this one is good too, isn't the same coloring of my others hehe ~saturation says haiii~ by the way, i will try to post some psds  for icons this sunday (my sunday actually, probably everyone's monday lol) well, that's all! if you have any request please visit my tagboard i'd be happy to help you anyway, i'm serious xD uhum seeya!

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